Unveiling GRANOLAS: The Special Group of European Stocks Defying Market Trends

Unveiling GRANOLAS: The Special Group of European Stocks Defying Market Trends

Special Group of Stocks

Now a days everyone wants to invest in stocks and they put their money in giant techs. There is always risk in stocks and it needs great amount of money to invest but now forget the tech giants because there is a special group of stocks , which has kept up with the famous Magnificent Seven , but with less risk. This special group of stocks called GRANOLAS that is doing just as well.

Unveiling GRANOLAS
Unveiling GRANOLAS


In 2020 , Goldman Sachs coined a term called GRANOLAS , talking about the biggest European companies : Roche , GSK , Nestle , ASML , Novo Nordisk , Novartis , LVMH , L’Oreal , AstraZeneca , SAP amd Sanofi.

Since 2018 , GRANOLAS is neck to neck with the Magnificent Seven , Apple , Alphabet ,Meta Platforms , Microsoft , Nvidia and Tesla , with 63% return and much less ups and downs.

Best part of GRANOLAS

GRANOLAS is cheaper , trading at 20 times earnings compared to the Mag 7’s 30 , although they are pricier than the broader European market.

They had a good fourth quarter , especially with Novo Nordisk’s successful weight loss drugs and ASML’s increase in orders for microchip equipment. L’Oreal didn’t do as well , facing challenges in China.

Future of GRANOLAS

According to experts , GRANOLAS stocks trade at a higher price because they offer steady growth. Owning GRANOLAS when global GDP growth is below 3% , which is what Goldman expects in the next five years.

Golman Sachs didn’t create a fund for GRANOLAS , which is interesting , so if you want in , you have to buy each stock separately.

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