Oil rig underwater: Deepwater Drilling and the World of Underwater Oil Rigs

Oil rig underwater: Deepwater Drilling and the World of Underwater Oil Rigs

Oil rig underwater: Not all oil is accessible on land or in shallow water , you can find some of the oil deposits buried deep under the ocean.Deepwater drilling is the process in which holes are created by drilling rig in the Earth’s crust for oil extraction under the deep sea. Mostly companies use MODU( Mobile Offshore Drilling Units) for the extraction of oil from deep sea ocean Oil rig underwater.

Oil rig underwater
Oil rig underwater

Oil rig on land , Oil rig underwater

The universe of oil rig platform is brobdingnagian. For these platforms require structure and cutting edge technology. There are many types of platforms and structures for oil rig , some are -:

• Fixed
• Self-elevating
• Semi-submersible
• Jackups
• Floaters
• Barges

Oil rigs are not just captive to offshore locations alone , oil rigs can be found on land in many places of the world. Around 70 percent of the world’s oil production is accounted by drilling on land.
The onshore drilling machines are standing all over the fields in the U.S and all over the world , the tall and powerful machines are standing over acres and acres of land.
Basically these drilling rig machines create holes in the earth to extract the fossil fuels , and these oil rigs come in many shape and sizes with many different techniques.

Oil rig chemistry,Oil rig underwater

Many of us not know what is oil rig , what does it stand for and what is the significance of oil rig.
Well , we try to help you understand and explain all about oil rig in this subject.

OIL RIG stands for Oxidation Is Loss Reduction Is Gain. Oxidation and Reduction reactions are defined by the movement of electrons , reduction-oxidation also known as Redox reaction.
• Oxidation is loss of electrons
• Reduction is gain of electrons
Fir example –
Fe₂O₃ + 3CO ⃗ 2Fe + 3CO₂

Oil rig jobs

Oil rig jobs can be either onshore or offshore , if you are interested in oil extraction or drilling.
Some of the Oil rig job category are -:
• Driller
• Electrician
• Mechanic
• Roustabout
• Rig welder
• Rig medic
• Engineer
• Rig cook

Oil companies may set their own standards and recruitments to help ensure safety during the extraction process , if you want to join the oil rig and work as a professional , basic needs for qualification are -:
• Age of the applicant at least 18 years old
• Pass a physical fitness examination
• Be ready to work nights and 12-hours shift for several weeks at a time

Learn more about the oil industry
Choose a path
Gain relevant professional experience
Explore apprenticeship opportunities
Create a resume and cover letter
Apply for entry level positions
Consider advanced education or training

Oil rig underwater
Oil rig underwater ,Oil rig underwater

Oil rig salary

Oil rig work is the hot job for many Americans as the starting salary start from $55,000 a year and it require 12 hours shifts.
Depending on the post the salary can increase.

Oil rig worker

Depending on the work , the workers are responsible for supporting oil and gas drilling and extraction operations on an offshore oil plateform. Company can also give you a specific job on the rig like your duties may focus on general labour tasks.
Oil rig challenges

Offshore oil rig production is more challenging than onshore rig , offshore rigs are installed in remote and harsher environment and workers may have to work under the sea water , while working at oil rig you must always on high alert mode and always aware of surroundings by staying calm while carrying on and use new equipment. Being mindful in essential.

Oil rig wrecks / Oil rig mishaps

Working on oil rig is very dangerous , if you are not aware of surroundings or you are not alert or you are sloppy. On Offshore rig work many fatalities do occur. Harsh weather conditions and unforgiving ocean are the most lethal elements in offshore life. Bad equipment design , poor enforcement of protocols and fumbled emergency procedures are also the worst disasters. The biggest explosion happened on April 20,2010 on BP’s Deepwater Horizon rig and it was the biggest oil spill in US history. Around four million barrels of oil spilled into the Gulf of Mexico, harming huge numbers of sea birds and damaging coastlines for hundreds of miles.
In 1980 , semi-submersible platform , Alexander L. kielland , in the North Sea, due to high winds one of the legs of the structure fails, resulting in the plateform tilted 30° and eventually capsizing , from 212 workers on board only 89 survived , most of the fatalities were due to drowning.
In 1988 , 167 people were killed in the explosions on the Piper Alpha oil plateform again in the British North sea.
There are many incidents about offshore accidents -:
1979 Bohai 2
1982 The Ocean Ranger
1989 DS Seacrest
2005 Mumbai High North
2010 Deepwater Horizon

Oil rig Injury

Oil rigs are valuable to the Industry but dangerous to works.
According to studies by the U.S Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) , offshore oil and gas workers are seven times more likely to die on the job than the average worker in the U.S . The reasons for that are flammable nature of the material used and extraction , harsh weather conditions , long hours and complicated heavy equipment , oil workers can face not only more chances to die but also more severe injuries.

Some offshore oil rig injuries are 

• Amputation
• Broken bones and fractures
• Burns from chemicals and flames
• Hearing loss
• Back and neck injuries
• Traumatic brain injuries , including paralysis
• Blunt force teauma
• Respiratory damage from gases and flames

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