Introducing New Tool Sora: Turn Words into Videos

Introducing New Tool Sora: Turn Words into Videos

As the time is moving forward so the technology also movie forward. Technology opens a new world and many possibilities. Now , the world is changing to AI. Ready for the new tool presented by , OpenAI, the team behind ChatGPT, has unveiled a cool new tool called Sora. It can make videos up to a minute long, just by using text. 

Introducing New Tool Sora

  For now, Sora is being tested by a small group of artists and people. This comes after Meta, the parent company of Facebook, showed off its own text-to-video tool called Make-a-Video back in October 2022. But Meta’s tool hasn’t been released to everyone yet and after that no new development happen.

There are also other text-to-video tools out there, but Sora could be one of the big ones if it goes public and gives new experience to the users.   OpenAI wants Sora to understand and mimic how things move in the real world and adapt the new things according to the users.

They’re hoping this will help people tackle problems that need real-life interaction. They’ve even put out a white paper explaining how Sora works but some tests are remaining before launching Sora publicly.

Right now, OpenAI is asking for feedback from a few visual artists, designers, and filmmakers. They want to know what problems they facing , what can be change to make it better and how Sora can be the most helpful for creative folks.   Sora is pretty smart. It can create detailed scenes with lots of characters and movement, and it understands what you’re asking for.

It can even make characters show emotions like real people and it adapt new characteristics , you just have to be creative.   There are still some kinks to work out during testing face.

Sometimes, Sora might miss small details, like a cookie not having a bite mark after someone eats it. It can also get mixed up with directions or struggle with describing events that happen over time but all these kinks will be resolved and soon you will see Sora.  

OpenAI is also focused on keeping Sora safe. They’re trying to make sure it doesn’t spread wrong information, show bias, or promote hateful stuff. OpenAI trying to make Sora more helpfull to people in their work , helps them to solve their problems and promote only good intentions. Other companies making AI tools are working on this too.


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