Unveiling Market Manipulation : Sebi Restricts Trading Activities of 15 Zee Business Guest Experts

Unveiling Market Manipulation : Sebi Restricts Trading Activities of 15 Zee Business Guest Experts

For Market Manipulation , Sebi Cracks Down on 15 Zee Business Guest Experts.

15 guest experts who appeared on the Zee Business News channel , the Security And Exchange Board of India (Sebi) has taken stern action against them. The market regulator has ordered them to pay a significant sum of Rs. 7.41 crore for engaging in unlawful practice that resulted in market manipulation.

According to Sebi’s findings , between February 01 and December 31 , 2022 , these experts exploited their on air appearance to make unlawful gains by taking positions opposite to their recommendations. This unethical behaviour was resulting in substantial profits at the expense of unsuspecting investors.

Unveiling Market Manipulation

On February 8 , Sebi issued order not only penalize these individuals financially but also imposes restrictions on their trading activities. Some have been directly involved in these manipulative trades , while others have facilitated them. Consequently , several of them have been blockaded  from trading until further notice to prevent further harm to the investors and market.

Kamlesh Varshaney , a member of Sebi , emphasized the specific roles played by the individuals involved , noting violations of the Sebi Act. investigations uncovered instances where these experts shared privileged information with certain parties before broadcasting their recommendations on Zee Business.

Unveiling Market Manipulation

These individuals have been categorized by Sebi into three groups as : guest experts , profit makers , and enablers. While the guest experts provided trading advice , the profit makers and enablers also played significant roles in executing the manipulative schemes . This classification underscores the collaborative nature of these fraudulent activities.

Sebi has stressed the importance of investors education and awareness. It warns investors to exercise caution and conduct thorough due diligence before acting on advice obtained from social media platforms and television. 

Sebi’s interim order serves to safeguard the interests of investors who may fall victim to fraudulent and it serves as a protective measure against manipulation schemes orchestrated by dishonest experts , ultimately preserving the integrity and stability of the financial markets. The regulator’s swift action underscores its commitment to maintaining transparency and accountability within the securities industry , while also sending a clear message to those who seek to exploit it for personal gain.

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