Stock Market Struggles: Japan and UK’s Economic Challenges

Stock Market Struggles: Japan and UK’s Economic Challenges

Stock Market : Tough Time 

Many countries facing recession and going through tough time . Japan and the UK are also having a tough time with their money. Japan’s money went down unexpectedly last quarter, and the UK’s money went down for the second time in a row. But even with these problems, lots of people are putting their money into the stock marketand the number is increasing. This is shown by a big stock market number in France, which only means that people are willing to take risks with their money and this good trend is expected to keep going in France. 

Stock Market Struggles

Asia’s Markets

In Asia , Japan is in a tough spot with its money even though Japan’s stock market went up by 1.2%. Stock market of Australia and another one in Japan also went up. In the US, the stock market got better after a bad day before, with companies like Uber doing well. Since Uber first started being sold to the public , its money went up by 78%. 

Big Companies 

Big companies like Alphabet, which owns Airbus, and Google made a lot of money. The third most valuable company in the US is now Alphabet , worth almost $1.8 trillion. On the other hand, Commerzbank made its biggest profit in 15 years, and Renault and Stellantis made good money after losing money before. Many other small companies also made profit for the first time.

The Money Exchange 

The UK is going through tough time with money and also in stock market. The UK’s money trouble made its money worth less compared to the euro and the US dollar. But Australia’s money stayed the same even though the US dollar went down. In the US, people are watching for news about how much stuff people are buying and how much they are spending money, which will show how well the euro and the dollar are doing. Some people think the Federal Reserve won’t change how much it charges for borrowing money until July. 

US Shopping 

Later today, we’ll hear about how many people are asking for help with finding jobs, how much stuff people are buying, and how much money Coinbase, a company that helps with cryptocurrencies, made. Many things are going on at the same time. The price of oil is still going down, but gold’s price is staying the same. Overall, people are keeping a close eye on the world’s money , especially in Japan and the UK, and on how different companies are doing and what will be their future in stock market and in Cryptocurrencies.

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