Methane Catastrophe: Kazakhstan Leak Equals Emissions of 791,000 Cars

Methane Catastrophe: Kazakhstan Leak Equals Emissions of 791,000 Cars

Methane Catastrophe : A Big Problem like Global Warming : Methane Leak Like 791,000 Cars Running for a Year A methane well in Kazakhstan leaked gas into the air for 6 months, making it one of the worst leaks ever, scientists say. The leak began on January 9 , 2023. It was reported that during drilling at an exploration well in Mangistau region , southwestern Kazakhstan, starting a fire that raged continuously until the end of the year

Methane Catastrophe

Methane Catastrophe
Methane Catastrophe

What Happened? 

Scientists from France, Spain, and the Netherlands studied the leak. They found that 140,000 tons of gas went into the atmosphere over 205 days. This is like the emissions from 791,000 cars driving for a year! . And it has very negative impact on environment and increase global warming.

How Did They Know? 

Traditional methods of methane monitoring rely on manual inspections of industrial equipment but this large leak was known by using satellite data, scientists watched the Karaturun East oil field. They saw 127,000 tons of methane released in 2023 due to a fire that lasted from June to December. 

Why Does It Matter? 

Methan is the primary contributor to the formation of ground level ozone , a hazardous air pollutants and greenhouse gas.

Methane is really bad for global warming, much worse than carbon dioxide. It’s responsible for about 30% of the world’s temperature rise since factories started. Exposure to methane gas causes 1 million premature deaths every year.

What Caused the Leak and reason?

The leak started on June 9 during drilling. A big fire and a huge hole made it tough to fix. It was finally stopped on December 25 by putting mud into the well. Hopefully everything was under control and stopped the leak.

What Now? 

Scientists say it’s hard to measure these kinds of leaks and scientists developing the technology so that they can detect these kinds of leaks and they hope satellite data can help find and fix leaks faster in the future. 

How Bad Was It? 

One scientist compared it to a big leak called Nord Stream. The company operating the well says the leak wasn’t as bad as reported. They haven’t commented further. But this negligence costs so much to environment and for living beings.

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